Crops Contract Fairness Hub 2022
The NFU is gathering evidence for Defra and the supply chain in relation to incidents where lorry loads of of crop (wheat, barley, oil seed rape, oats, beans or peas) have been subjected to a claim, allowance or rejection issue since 2019/2020 or later.  This also includes any comments on perceived unfair contract terms whether they have been resolved or not.

Please complete one form for each specific issue related to one specific crop.  For example a rejection of milling wheat.  It would be useful to have the haulier ticket with you and the nature of the issue (e.g. moisture, N2, insects etc), to hand.

This hub will remain open throughout the harvest season until 31 December 2022.

This research is being conducted in line with the Market Research Society code of conduct.  All responses will be analysed anonymously and results will be aggregated. This will ensure member identity and related businesses and issues cannot be individually identified.
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